Are you looking for a new Holmes air purifier for your home or office? 

You’re in the right place! In this proHVACinfo review, you’ll learn:

  • The features of Holmes air purifiers (what you won’t find with other brands)
  • The different types of Holmes air purifiers (tower or console – which is right for you?)
  • How to choose the correct Holmes air purifier (remember these three important things)

Before we talk about why we like these air purifiers, let’s take a quick look at some of our favorite models:

Our Top 4 Holmes Air Purifiers

1.    Holmes HEPA Tower Air Purifier HAP424-U (Our Top Pick)

2.    Holmes Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier (Best Budget Pick)

3.    Holmes 4-Speed Large Room Air Purifier (High-End Pick)

4.    Holmes 3-Speed Small Room Air Purifier

What is a Holmes Air Purifier?

Holmes is a trusted United States based appliance company that has a long history dating back to 1982. Initially a mechanical fan manufacturer, Holmes broadened their product range to include affordable, highly efficient air purifiers.

Holmes’ tagline for their air purifiers, “to make your home as clean as it looks“, reminds you that even if your home looks spotless, indoor air typically contains contaminants like dust or pollen.

Utilizing HEPA filtration as their primary air purification method, all Holmes air purifiers have true-HEPA filter compatibility with a 99.7% efficiency rating.

For more information on how air purification works, check out our detailed guide here.

So, we know all Holmes air purifiers work by utilizing a HEPA filtration system to filter out allergens and pollutants.

But what makes Holmes air purifiers unique?

The Price

For starters, Holmes air purifiers are affordable and provide a good value for those looking for an effective air purifier that doesn’t break the bank. With models starting as low as $55, you can get all of the benefits of HEPA filtration without the big price tag attached to it.

When put up against their competitors that are double the price, Holmes air purifiers are still able to provide the same true-HEPA 99.7% efficiency filtration and catch airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. 

Optional Ionizer

Holmes air purifiers separate themselves from many other brands because Holmes offers an optional air ionizer. These ionizers work by releasing electrically charged particles that latch onto harmful pollutants in the air, using their weight to take the allergen out of the air and onto the ground. This unique feature works along with the HEPA filter to capture even smaller particles (0.2 microns)!

What are the Different Types of Holmes Air Purifiers?

  1. Tower Air Purifiers – The tower purifiers are sleek, functional, and take up less space than the console models. We recommend a tower model for smaller spaces, up to around 180 square feet (around the size of a large bedroom).
  1. Console Air Purifiers – If you’re looking for a more powerful purifier (or need to cover more square footage), we recommend a console model. While a bit bulkier, console models have you covered up to around 350 square feet (around the size of a large living room).

What to Look for in a Holmes Air Purifier?

When shopping for a new Holmes air purifier, there are a few things that you should consider before making the purchase.

The three things to consider before purchasing the air purifier are:

  • Room size
  • Filter type
  • Noise level

Room Size

One major factor to consider when purchasing an air purifier is the size of your room. All air purifiers are measured by their Clean Air Delivery Rate (“CADR”).

Each model has a different CADR that determines the max square footage it can handle. At the smaller end, Holmes purifiers like the Mini Tower Air Purifier have a CADR of 55, which works for spaces up to 80 square feet.

On the larger end, Holmes air purifiers like the 4-Speed Large Room Air Purifier have a CADR of 225, which means it can handle up to 349 square feet.

Picture where you will be placing your air purifier to help you gauge which size is best for your situation.

Filter Type

All tower air purifiers in this review use a standard AER1 Holmes filter. These filters come with five different options that focus on particle matter (the true HEPA filter discussed above), or on odor (activated carbon filters).

After your air purifier has been running for some time, the performance will start to decline and you’ll see the filter starting to get dirty. Usually around the 12-month mark the filter needs to be replaced (this could be sooner if your air purifier is always running in a dusty environment).

Luckily, Holmes make this easy, with replacement AER1 filters costing as little as $14.99 for a pack of two.

Other brands have replacement filters that cost $30 or more. The inexpensive maintenance is another reason why we love the Holmes brand!

Noise Level

Most people prefer to have an air purifier that they don’t know is even there. However, the internal fan in most air purifier designs can be noisy. Holmes uses a better approach – speed settings – to make sure the purifier is never too noisy.

The smaller Holmes air purifiers, such as the 3-Speed Small Room Air Purifier, start at 30 decibels for the lowest speed setting and have a max decibel rating of 55 (about the same as a household refrigerator’s ambient noise).

For the larger air purifiers like the Holmes HEPA Tower Air Purifier, the maximum noise level is around 60 decibels at the highest speed setting. For an easy comparison, 60 decibels is about the same noise level of you and a friend chatting during a normal conversation.

When put up against air purifiers from other brands with decibel ratings of up to 70, Holmes keeps their air purifiers quieter so that you can do things like sleep or study without any interruptions.

The Top 4 Holmes Air Purifiers (Reviewed)

1.   Holmes HEPA Tower Air Purifier HAP424-U (Our Top Pick)

The Holmes HEPA Tower Air Purifier (HAP424) is a slim air purifier with a max rating to filter 180 square feet of air. This air purifier can meet most demands with its HEPA filtration system and can easily be placed into any corner of the room with its slender design. There are 3-speed settings and an optional ionizer if you need an extra helping hand for dust.


  • A powerful internal fan
  • Original filters enhanced with baking soda to reduce odor
  • Light to indicate when the filter needs replacement


  • Can be loud for some

2.   Holmes Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier (Best Budget Pick)

Product Link:

Like the top pick, the Holmes Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier (HAP706) has a slim design and is better suited for smaller spaces. This model’s max rating is 120 square feet, which is plenty of reach for a bedroom or office. We also discovered in our research that these air purifiers have a very long lifespan.


  • Longevity
  • Compact design
  • Very quiet on low setting


  • Intended for smaller rooms up to 120 square feet
  • Some uses noticed a rattling sound after extended use

3.   Holmes 4-Speed Large Room Air Purifier (High-End Pick)

Product Link:

If you are looking for an air purifier that packs a punch, this one’s for you. This Holmes 4-Speed Large Room Air Purifier (HAP8650) utilizes two HEPA filters and has a robust internal fan reaching over 350 square feet. This option is suited for any situation, and its quiet internal fan will make it almost invisible. 


  • Large square footage
  • Quiet operation
  • Filter light indicator


  • Requires two filters
  • Filter replacement can be tricky for some

4.   Holmes 3-Speed Small Room Air Purifier (HAP242B-U)

If you are looking for an air purifier for small room applications only, this will get the job done. The Holmes 3-Speed Small Room Air Purifier (HAP242B-U) isn’t the strongest air purifier on the market but is small enough to put on a desk or shelf for easy placement. If you’re really short on space, you can also flip this air purifier on its back and stand it straight up.


  • Compact design with a powerful fan
  • The filters can be easily changed
  • Almost immediate difference in air quality when running for a few hours


  • Doesn’t remove odor efficiently

Final Thoughts on the Best Holmes Air Purifiers

The Holmes HEPA Tower Air Purifier is the best overall Holmes air purifier available. It has all of the features you want in an air purifier from multiple speed settings, an ionizer feature, and a slender design for easy placement.

Incorporating an air purifier in your home or office can significantly improve the air’s breathability and make a major difference in your air quality. You may think your air quality is good now, but once you use a Holmes air purifier—you will really see a difference.

Stephen Marks

Stephen Marks

Stephen is an HVAC and home-repair enthusiast. He's here to answer any of your questions about HVAC!

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Stephen Marks

Stephen Marks

Stephen is an HVAC and home-repair enthusiast. He's here to answer any of your questions about HVAC!

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